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Public Parks Need Video Surveillance To Stay Safe

Like many parks and public places in Hagerstown, the area has been described as a quiet and peaceful area. It’s a place where citizens can go for a relaxing stroll or day out with the kids. Unfortunately, much of that could change. What Can...Read More

7 Ways To Secure Your Front Door Against Burglars

Did you know that the majority of burglars take one to eight minutes to enter your home and most go through the front door? Scary, isn’t it? So it stands to reason that one of the places that should be the most secure in your home would be the...Read More

6 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Homes

You may be thinking you have little of value for a burglar to choose your Hagerstown home to invade. However, the average burglar can get into your house in under three minutes and you might be surprised at what is on their wish list. Here are the...Read More

Why Choose Remote Monitoring For Security Cameras?

Security cameras have come a long way in the past few years.  New cameras can be completely wireless, provide HD footage or better, switch to other visibility modes like low-light and infrared, and swivel around by remote control.  New...Read More

Security Integration Can Keep Your Business Safe

Today’s businesses have to deal with a lot of complex security challenges.  Technology has made everything faster and provided more tools to make businesses safe and efficient, but it’s also given burglars, corporate spies, hackers,...Read More

4 Smart Home Devices That Keep Working While Youre On Vacation

A lot can happen to your home in Hagerstown, MD while you’re away.  Burglary is an obvious problem, but you can also face issues like leaky toilets, thieves who steal packages that arrive while you’re away, doors left ajar that let...Read More

How Do Home Security Systems Prevent Crimes From Happening?

A home security system can include access control systems like electronic locks, surveillance systems with exterior and interior cameras, and alarm systems that monitor things like doors, windows, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels.  These...Read More

How To Protect Your Front Door Deliveries From Thieves

Over one-third of MD residents have been victims of package theft. With the holiday season, these thefts are expected to increase. So now is the time to think about protecting your packages from criminals. Here are some things you can do to make...Read More

Keep Your Business Security Effective With Commonsense Audits and Updates

Security systems change over time.  For one thing, the hardware and software you install at your Hagerstown, MD location can age and become less effective.  Your system can also become obsolete as newer and better features come out that do...Read More

Protect Your Internet Router From Hackers

When it comes to digital security, most of us lack the knowledge to prevent the possibility of some serious issues, such as loss of privacy, identity theft, and fraud. We are so careful with our computers due to the amount of information they hold....Read More

How Do Home Security Systems Prevent Crimes From Happening?

A home security system can include access control systems like electronic locks, surveillance systems with exterior and interior cameras, and alarm systems that monitor things like doors, windows, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels.  These...Read More

Things To Think About When Purchasing Your Young Adult A Home Monitoring System

Eventually, the time will come when a Hagerstown person's son or daughter chooses to leave the nest. Some parents look forward to the day. They feel like it leaves them with an empty house to do as they please. However, other guardians dread the...Read More

Tips To Assist Women In Staying Safe While They Are Out And About Or At Home

Females are often victims of sexual assaults. That is not to say that men can't be or aren't, but this post is going to focus on women. Ladies don't want others to experience the events, but they also do not want them to happen to them...Read More

Methods For Assuring Your Daughter Is Safe After Moving To The Big City

It is not uncommon for the bright lights of the big city to call daughters. Often, they are cooped up in a small to medium-sized town, and all they want is to chase their dreams in a metropolis. These densely populated areas are great to live, work,...Read More

Home Security Features Available To Consumers Today

Technology has become better and better over the years. That has been excellent news for Hagerstown consumers and the security industry. For example, in the past, homeowners were stuck with analog cameras. These units didn't always provide the...Read More

Home Fire Safety Tips For Everyone

October is National Fire Safety Month, which means it is right around the corner. Therefore, the time is right to start making sure your Hagerstown house and household is prepared for one of the emergency situations. Flames and smoke can do a number...Read More

Ways For Empty Nesters To Feel Better About Their Child's Safety

Even when Hagerstown kiddos grow up and move out of their parents' home, the guardians still feel as if they need to protect them. After all, parenthood is a lifelong thing. It doesn't stop just because the child turns 18 or 21 and rents an...Read More

Think About Installing A Security System For These Reasons

Regardless of who you are or where you live, a security system is almost a necessity these days. Even so, at times, owning the equipment can seem like a burden. The owner has to worry about arming/ disarming the unit, paying a monthly fee, and false...Read More

You Can Support Law Enforcement With Private Security Cameras

Law enforcement plays a central role in community safety.  A properly trained police and security force can spot suspicious behavior before it leads to a crime, gather evidence after a crime to find the guilty party, and enforce the laws of the...Read More

Moving Apartments This Fall? Bring A Security System With You

Most apartment buildings and apartment complexes in Hagerstown, MD have some amount of security built in.  They may have an entrance a resident has to buzz to let a guest in, they may have grounds with limited entrances, and they may have...Read More

Why Choose Home Security Monitoring?

When you buy or upgrade your home’s security system, you have a lot of options you can choose from.  Cameras come in all different brands and designs with plenty of quality and feature options, electronic locks can use keycards or...Read More

Four Security Tips For Your Home And Office

Whether you are at your Hagerstown home relaxing with your family or at work knocking out a project, your safety is the highest priority. No matter where you spend your time, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your spaces are always...Read More

Three Valuable Security Tips To Share With Your Children When They Move Out

The time comes in every parent’s life when their children move out of the home. This can be pretty scary because you want to ensure they’ll be safe in their new home. One of the best things you can do when your children are moving out...Read More

Protecting Your Home from the Inside Out with an Alarm System

Alarm systems and security cameras do a good job of protecting both the inside and outside of your home. Smoke detectors on the inside of your Hagerstown home are also another way you can raise the safety and protection of your home for the family...Read More

Why Your Children Should Have Wireless Home Security

Home security is important for families with children for a variety of different reasons. Today, we will go over a few of those reasons and explain why your children should have access to a wireless home security system. Social Media Social media...Read More

Reduce The Frequency Of False Alarms To Save Time And Money

You might be surprised to learn that police and fire departments around the country spend thousands of hours investigating false alarms. The police department in Hagerstown, MD is busy enough investigating real crime, but whenever an alarm is...Read More

Security Systems and Convincing Your Mother You are Safe

As we grow and become adults and finally move out of the home to be on our own, it isn't just hard on the ones doing the growing up and moving; it is always going to be especially hard on our mothers as well.  Mothers are always going to...Read More

These Are The Benefits Of Installing A Home Security System

Today’s home security systems work to keep burglars on the outside, but they also work to keep you informed of what’s happening inside. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors keep your family safe from harm. Surveillance cameras let you...Read More

Tips for Fire Safety in the Kitchen

A fire can happen in the home at any time and in any room of the home. However, most home fires occur in the kitchen. When this happens, the damage resulting from the fire can be significant because this kind of fire can quickly get out of...Read More

Keeping Crime Away From Your Property

Have you ever taken the time to notice just how often you see home invasion or burglary in the news? Chances are, in the Hagerstown, MD area, it’s quite a bit. Not only do these homeowners have to deal with the fact that their property is...Read More

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